Top 10 Ways to Improve Active Directory Security Quickly

Top 10 Ways to Improve Active Directory Security Quickly


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Learn how to Improve Active Directory Security with Trimarc in-depth guide. We’ll navigate you through advanced strategies to keep your network safe, highlighting key policies, best practices, and tools that will strengthen your Active Directory framework.

Experience substantial security improvements while mitigating risks associated with data breaches.

The introduction of Active Directory (AD) in 2000 brought about a change in the tech world, especially with regard to security issues.

Over the past two decades, the landscape has changed drastically, including an increased interest and ability of attackers to compromise AD.

Trimarc, with over six years of experience in providing Active Directory Security Assessments, has examined the security posture of AD across a broad range of industries, covering forest userbase as small as hundreds to those extending to over a million.

This expertise has led to the development of a comprehensive understanding of the elementary measures that can be adopted by any organization to enhance its AD security. The webcast provides the platform for Trimarc to share this critical knowledge and advice.

Improve Active Directory Security

Trimarc’s webcast offers insights into the latest techniques deployed by attackers to compromise AD and suggests a list of 10 proactive measures to keep these attacks at bay.

The webcast is centered around equipping viewers with efficient strategies to fortify their AD security.

The types of attacks, such as NTLM & Kerberos relay, along with KrbRelayUp, are discussed in detail with practical suggestions on how to avert these threats.

The webcast focuses on key AD security topics that will aid in bolstering your AD security almost immediately. The recommendations are feasible and actionable, and the potential attacks that they can suppress are discussed comprehensively.

Sean Metcalf, Trimarc Founder & Microsoft Certified Master of Active Directory, spearheads the webcast along with teammates Tyler Robinson and Darryl Baker, who delve into AD security attack and defense topics.

However, it is important to note that the webcast is not designed to provide an exhaustive overview of AD security. Rather, it emphasizes “quick wins” that can swiftly augment AD security. Trimarc intends to present a more in-depth future webcast, a “Part 2,” tackling the crucial steps towards boosting AD security, which are likely to require more commitment and time.

This Trimarc Webcast was live-streamed and recorded on June 23rd, 2022.

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